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Open Educational Resources

In this guide, we have collected a variety of free resources, low cost resources, and resources already included in some of the Law Library's paid subscriptions. Professors can decrease their students' financial burden by selecting titles from this list.

Best Practices for Selecting Course Texts

Textbook Expenditures 

Please Consider Cost

$230 - $299 > $1,000 $3.6 million

price range of traditional casebooks

spent by most 1Ls buying new books for the 2020-21 academic year

approximately 600 students spend over 6 semesters

Used 25% Renting 33% Approx. $30

buying used gives about a 25% discount

renting books gives about a 33% discount

cost of the property text being used this Spring '21

Administration Faculty Law Library
  • Assign 1L sections earlier (so professors can post texts sooner)

  • Encourage faculty participation in choosing lower cost materials

  • Consider cost when choosing a text

  • Consider alternative publishers

  • Choose a text and publicize it early (so more students can find used and rentals)

  • Change editions less often to increase number of available used texts

  • Faculty in same subject matter coordinate textbook and statutory supplement usage

  • Help faculty update older textbooks and create statutory supplements

  • Maintain a list of alternative publishers

  • Circulate and maintain a list of open course materials including supplements to faculty

  • Stay in communication with other law schools to learn about innovative responses


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