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Study Aids

A resource guide to help explain the types of study aids the Law Library provides and that curates both information about and facilitates access to those study aids.

Types of Study Aids

This section of our resource guide aims to explain the various types of study aids you will come across:


Nutshells are:

Very short summaries and explanations written with a lay-person vocabulary

Librarians think of it like a baby-treatise on a subject


Outline-style Aids are:

Used to check your understanding of basic concepts, like case briefs, elements of laws, and prongs of tests

There are several series to choose from including: Emanuel Law Outlines, Gilbert’s, Black Letter Outline…and more!

Understanding Series

Understanding Series

Halfway between an outline-style and a hornbook style study aid

E & E's

E & E's are:

Examples & Explanations

Focus on the evolution of law over time, especially through distinguishing elements and policies

Ask single-issue essay questions at the end of each chapter and provides a model answer (that reads a lot like an exam answer should read)


Often considered a “study aid,” especially by classic doctrinal professors
Librarians think of it like a baby-treatise on a subject

Law in a Flash

Box of flash cards focused on one doctrinal subject
Question on one side, concise answer on the other
Can be used independently to quiz yourself or with your study group
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