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Study Aids

A resource guide to help explain the types of study aids the Law Library provides and that curates both information about and facilitates access to those study aids.


You may have heard about a variety of study aids, such as “Nutshells,” “E&Es,” “hornbooks,” and more. If you are a 1L you may be wondering what these words are actually referring to. Better yet, you may not be familiar with all of the helpful resources the Law Library has to offer that can supplement course materials and better prepare you as you study for final law exams. In this guide compiled by a team of law librarians we will break down the flavors of study aids that they library has to offer, including translating the words many law students use to refer to certain types of study aids. We have also provided a few different ways to search for and locate the right study aid for you, be it an online or print resource, or selecting one by subject. Just remember:

Study Aids are NOT a substitute for outlining.
Use them to engage with material from other angles and aid deep comprehension .

Study Aids Video Part 1: Roadmap and Access

In this four minutes clip from the recent lunch and learn virtual program all about study aids, Law Librarians Geraldine Kalim and Savanna Nolan introduce you to these key resources and demo the two primary ways to find and access print and electronic study aids.

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