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Phillips Nuremberg Trials Collection: Trial 10 - Krupp Case

Materials donated to the law school by General Eugene Phillips.

Summary of Charges

Twelve former directors of the Krupp Group were accused of having enabled the armament of the German military forces and thereby actively participating in the Nazis' preparations for an aggressive war. They were also charged with having used slave laborers in their companies. The primary defendant was Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, CEO of the Krupp Group since 1943. He was the son of Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach who had been a defendant in the first trail before the International Military Tribunal but was considered medically unfit for trial.

The Krupp Group had flourished under the Nazi regime. The forced labor program conservatively used nearly 100,000 persons, almost a quarter of that number were prisoners of war.

Counts: 1) Crimes Against Peace; 2) Spoliation; 3) Slave Labor; and 4) Conspiracy

Trial Records

Style of the case: United States of America v. Alfried Krupp, et al.

Indictment filed: 17 August 1947

Trial dates: 8 December 1947 - 24 June 1948

Judges: Hu C. Anderson (Tennessee) (presiding judge),  Edward J. Daly (Connecticut), and William J. Wilkins (Washington)

Chief Prosecutor: H. Russell Thayer; Assistants: Joseph Kauffman, Cecelia H. Goetz

Judgment: 31 July 1948

Sentencing: 31 July 1948

Defendant Position Sentence
Alfried Krupp
  • Owner and CEO
12 years plus forfeiture of property; released 1951
Ewald Oskar Ludwig Löser
  • Former CFO
7 years; served sentence and released 1955
Eduard Houdremont
  • Director, head of steel works
10 years
Erich Müller
  • Director, head of arms fabrication
12 years
Friedrich Wilhelm Janssen
  • CFO, successor to Löser
10 years
Karl Heinrich Pfirsch
  • Former head of sales department
found not guilty: acquitted and released
Max Otto Ihn
  • Personnel and intelligence
  • Deputy to Löser and Janssen
9 years
Karl Adolf Ferdinand Eberhardt
  • Head of sales
  • Successor to Pfirsch
9 years
Heinrich Leo Korschan
  • Deputy head of steel plants
6 years
Friedrich von Bülow
  • Counterintelligence, public relations, and head of the plant police (Werkschutz)
12 years
Werner Wilhelm Heinrich Lehmann
  • "Labor procurement"
  • Deputy to Ihn
6 years
Hans Albert Gustav Kupke
  • Head of workers' camps
2 years and 10 months




Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals Under Control Council Law No. 10

The 15-volume series, also known as “The Green Series,” focuses on the 12 trials of almost 200 defendants. This publication by the United States Government Printing Office is the official abridged record of the individual indictments and judgments, as well as the administrative materials that were common to all the trials.

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