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Phillips Nuremberg Trials Collection: Trial 4 - Pohl Case

Materials donated to the law school by General Eugene Phillips.

Summary of Charges

Also known as the WVHA Case as Oswald Pohl and 17 other SS officers were employed by the SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt (WVHA), the Economics and Administrative Department of the SS. The main charge against them was their active involvement in and administration of the "Final Solution". The WVHA was the government office that ran the concentration and extermination camps. It also handled the procurement for the Waffen SS and, as of 1942, the administration of the SS-Totenkopfverbände (Death's-Head units).

Counts: 1) Conspiracy; 2) War Crimes; 3) Crimes Against Humanity; and 4) Membership in the SS

Original Indictment


Trials of War Criminals Before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals Under Control Council Law No. 10

The 15-volume series, also known as “The Green Series,” focuses on the 12 trials of almost 200 defendants. This publication by the United States Government Printing Office is the official abridged record of the individual indictments and judgments, as well as the administrative materials that were common to all the trials.

Trial Records

Style of the case: United States of America v. Oswald Pohl, et al.

Indictment filed: 13 January 1947

Trial dates: 8 April 1947 -17 September 1947

NMT 2 Judges: Robert M. Toms (Michigan) (presiding judge), Fitzroy Donald Phillips (North Carolina), Michael A. Musmanno (Pennsylvania), and John J. Speight (Alabama) (alternate judge)

Chief Prosecutor: James M. McHaney and Jack W. Robbins

Judgment: 3 November 1947

Sentencing: 3 November 1947; 11 August 1948

Defendants/Position Sentence of
Nov 3, 1947
Sentence of
Aug 11, 1948*
1951 Amnesty
 Oswald Pohl
  • Head of the WVHA
  • Obergruppenführer of the Waffen SS
 death by hanging  confirmed  executed June 7, 1951
 August Frank
  • Deputy Chief of the WVHA
  • Obergruppenführer of the Waffen SS
 life imprisonment  confirmed  commuted to 15 years
 Georg Lörner
  • Deputy Chief of the WVHA
  • Gruppenführer of the Waffen SS
 death by hanging changed to lifetime imprisonment  commuted to 15 years
 Heinz Karl Fanslau
  • Deputy Chief of the WVHA,
  • Brigadeführer of the Waffen SS
 25 years  reduced to 20 years  commuted to 15 years
 Hans Lörner
  • SS Oberführer
 10 years  confirmed  released
 Josef Vogt
  • SS Standartenführer
 Erwin Tschentscher
  • SS Standartenführer
 10 years  confirmed  released
 Rudolf Scheide
  • SS Standartenführer
 Max Kiefer
  • SS Obersturmbannführer
 life imprisonment  reduced to 20 years  released
 Franz Eirenschmalz
  • SS Standartenführer
 death by hanging  confirmed commuted to 9 years
 Karl Sommer
  • SS Sturmbannführer
 death by hanging  confirmed commuted to lifetime imprisonment in 1949;
commuted to 20 years in 1951
 Hermann Pook
  • Obersturmbannführer of the Waffen SS
  • Chief dentist of the WVHA
 10 years  confirmed  released
 Hans Heinrich Baier
  • SS Oberführer
 10 years  confirmed  released
 Hans Hohberg
  • Executive officer
 10 years, incl. time served  confirmed  released
 Leo Volk
  • SS Hauptsturmführer
  • Personal advisor to defendant Pohl
 10 years  confirmed  commuted to 8 years
 Karl Mummenthey
  • SS Obersturmbannführer
 life imprisonment  confirmed  commuted to 20 years
 Hans Bobermin
  • SS Obersturmbannführer
 20 years  reduced to 15 years  released
 Horst Klein
  • SS Obersturmbannführer


* At the request of the judges, the court reconvened on July 14, 1948 to consider additional material presented by the defense. On August 11, 1948, the tribunal issued its final sentences, confirming most of its earlier sentences, but slightly reducing some of the prison sentences and changing the death sentence of Georg Lörner into a sentence of life imprisonment.

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