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Requesting Review Copies of Books

A guide to assist University of Georgia School of Law faculty to obtain review of copies of books from various publishers.

West Academic (West Academic/Foundation Press)

To request review copies of West Academic (West Academic/Foundation Press) books, go to:

West Academic Faculty Page at

  • Sign into your account with your West Academic password.  If you have not yet created an account, use the link at the top right to create a new account for West Academic.  After you have verified your account (must use an email address), then you will have access to digital supporting materials and requests for comp copies.
  • Search or browse titles.  When you have identified a title of interest, select "VIEW DETAILS" to get request options. 
  • Options will vary by title, but when looking at the details for a title, usually there is a blue button saying “REQUEST COMP COPY” and a grey button saying “VIEW DIGITAL COMP COPY”.  Sometimes the grey button "VIEW DIGITAL COMP COPY" is the only option.
    • The blue button will take you to a checkout process – but don’t worry – it is still a free comp paper copy and will be shipped to you.
    • The grey button will then launch the Law School Exchange.  There is a one-time registration set up using your West Academic password again, but after that, clicking on the grey button will let you immediately see a digital copy of the potential course book.
  • You can also contact the Law School Account Manager at 800-313-9378 or

West Academic Faculty Research Center contains an overview of information of interest to faculty related to their products:

Full details of their Complimentary Copy Policy

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