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Requesting Review Copies of Books

A guide to assist University of Georgia School of Law faculty to obtain review of copies of books from various publishers.

Requesting Review Copies of Books

When preparing for teaching, sometimes it is desirable to review books for potential use as a class text.  Some, but not all, publishers will make complimentary review copies available to faculty, usually requiring an account be created on the publisher's platform and some basic information about the faculty member and the class for which the text is being considered.  Many publishers are now making digital copies of the books available for immediate review on their platforms, but you can still request paper review copies as well.  Teacher's manuals are commonly only sent to faculty members who have committed to using a specific text for their course or are only offered in digital format.

Above are tabs for specific publishers.  Click on the tab to find out how to request a review copy of a book from that specific publisher.  If the publisher you are interested in does not appear above or if you have questions, University of Georgia School of Law community members can contact Wendy Moore, Associate Director for Collection Services at the Law Library, to track that information down for you. 

Review books must be requested by the interested faculty member, although some publishers will also allow a faculty member's administrative assistant to place a request.  The Law Library is not permitted by the publishers to place requests for review copies.


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