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Requesting Review Copies of Books: West Academic (West Academic / Foundation Press)

A guide to assist University of Georgia School of Law faculty to obtain review of copies of books from various publishers.

How to Request

To request review copies of West Academic (West Academic/Foundation Press) books, go to:

West Academic Faculty Page at

  • Sign into your account with your West Academic password.  If you have not yet created an account, use the link at the top right to create a new account for West Academic.  After you have verified your account (must use an email address), then you will have access to digital supporting materials and requests for comp copies.
  • Search or browse titles.  When you have identified a title of interest, select "VIEW DETAILS" to get request options. 
  • Options will vary by title, but when looking at the details for a title, usually there is a blue button saying “REQUEST COMP COPY” and a grey button saying “VIEW DIGITAL COMP COPY”.  Sometimes the grey button "VIEW DIGITAL COMP COPY" is the only option.
    • The blue button will take you to a checkout process – but don’t worry – it is still a free comp paper copy and will be shipped to you.
    • The grey button will then launch the Law School Exchange.  There is a one-time registration set up using your West Academic password again, but after that, clicking on the grey button will let you immediately see a digital copy of the potential course book.
  • You can also contact the Law School Account Manager at 800-313-9378 or

Full details of their Complimentary Copy Policy

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