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Locating Forms: General Forms

How to locate sample forms for common legal and business transactions.


Formbooks contain sample forms for common legal and business transactions.  The Law Library provides access to many resources that include sample legal forms.

Remember: forms are often generic documents.  Before using a sample legal form, you should always carefully examine the document to make sure it suits your legal needs and is still up to date.

Although links to Westlaw and Lexis are provided, Westlaw and Lexis access is only available to faculty, staff and students of the University of Georgia School of Law.

General Forms Substantive

All Law.Com

American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d or Am. Jur. Legal Forms 2d
Print: Reference KF170 .A542
Westlaw: AMJUR-LF
More than 15,000 forms commonly used in business and legal documents.  Exhaustively annotated, keyed to the substantive law, integrating legal and form-drafting principles with statutes, tax notes, tables, checklists, and checkpoint.

Internet Resource:

FindLaw Forms Collections and Forms Indexes

Hieros Gamos Legal Forms
Internet Resource: >
Includes the following subjects: wills, bankruptcy, landlord and tenant, contracts, divorce and employment law.

ILRG Legal Forms Archives
Internet Resource:
More than 1700 legal forms including business, estate planning, family law, health care and real estate law.

Lane's Goldstein Litigation Forms
Over 1,000 practice-proven, chronologically organized forms covering such cases as medical malpractice, products liability, personal injury, and contracts.

LawSmart Forms
Internet Resource:
Over 60,000 state-specific free legal forms.

The 'Lectric Law Library Forms Room
Internet Resource:
Large collection of legal forms split into 2 major categories:  Legal Practice and Business & General

Internet Resource:
Over 6,000 free forms from the extensive Matthew Bender® collection.

Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms Annotated
Covers more than 230 topics of law, such as contracts, deeds, wills, trusts, articles of incorporation, and merger agreements. Covers general subjects, as well as particular businesses and industries, and includes many state-specific forms.

Rabkin & Johnson Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis
Forms for non-litigation transactions in the areas of partnerships, patents, copyrights, trademarks, franchising, computers, general business, credit and finance, gift and estate planning, domestic relations, employment and retirement, corporations, real estate, and agriculture.

West's Legal Forms 2d
Print: Reference KF1384.A65 W47
Westlaw: WEST-LF
Organized by area of practice such as business organizations, domestic relations, estate planning, real estate, employment law, and commercial transactions.

General Forms Pleading/Practice

Print: Balcony KF8836 .A45 1966
Westlaw: AMJUR-PP
State and federal pleading and practice forms keyed to the substantive law in Am.Jur 2d. Provides forms for all types of pleading and procedural steps in civil proceedings.

Bender's Federal Practice Forms
All the forms necessary for practicing in the federal courts, from filing an action in federal district court to appealing the case to the Supreme Court.

Bender's Forms of Discovery Interrogatories
Interrogatories forms for all kinds of cases under more than 200 title categories from accounting to zoning.

Internet Resource:

Federal Procedural Forms
Print: Balcony KF 8836.F4
Westlaw: FEDPROF
A 37-volume set of procedural forms, how-to information, and practice aids reflecting current practice and procedure in all the federal courts and the major federal agencies.

Findlaw Court Forms
Internet Resource:

Internet Resource:
A database of documents uploaded daily by lawyers & law firms as well as other members of the legal community.

U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia
Internet Resource:

U.S. District Court Northern District of Georgia
Internet Resource:

West Federal Forms
Print: Balcony KF 8836 .W4
A 20-volume companion set to Wright and Miller's Federal Practice and Procedure. The set provides procedural forms, with accompanying commentary, for use in civil and criminal cases in the federal courts.

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