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Locating Forms: Georgia Forms

How to locate sample forms for common legal and business transactions.


Formbooks contain sample forms for common legal and business transactions.  The Law Library provides access to many resources that include sample legal forms.

Remember: forms are often generic documents.  Before using a sample legal form, you should always carefully examine the document to make sure it suits your legal needs and is still up to date.

Although links to Westlaw and Lexis are provided, Westlaw and Lexis access is only available to faculty, staff and students of the University of Georgia School of Law.

Georgia Substantive and Pleading/Practice Forms

Brown's Georgia Pleading, Practice, and Legal Forms Annotated, Second Edition
Print: Georgia Reference KFG535.A65 B73 2003
Forms of pleadings in actions of law and in equity, special statutory proceedings, extraordinary writs, appeals, probate and administration proceedings, guardianships, criminal procedure, and legal and business forms in g eneral, classified and arranged in the order of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.

U.S. Georgia Legal Forms
Fee-based Internet Resource:
Covers many topics including divorce, real estate, wills and contracts.

Georgia Subject Specific Forms

Georgia - Business Law, Commercial Law and Contracts

Dobb's Georgia Enforcement of Security Interests in Personal Property Under Revised Article 9 with Forms / James S. Rankin, Jr.
Print: Georgia Reference KFG175 .D63 2012
A practical guide to handling default situations. Topics covered include the rights, duties, and remedies of the secured party; repossession and foreclosure; and the retention and disposition of collateral.

Georgia Commercial Financing Forms : Practice / Wayne Shortridge, Daniel H. Neely, Robert C. Lewinson
Print: Georgia Reference KFG170.A65 S48
A two-volume set with forms to evidence, secure and guarantee commercial financing in Georgia.

Georgia Corporate Forms--Practice / G. William Speer, Ronald D. Stallings, Walter G. Moeling IV
Print: Georgia Reference KFG213.A65 S64
A two-volume set covering planning, compliance and all aspects of corporate and partnership practice.

Georgia Corporations, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies with Forms/ Jerome Kaplan, et al.
Print: Georgia Reference KFG205 .K362
Authoritative analysis of corporate practice and procedure.

Georgia Forms Legal and Business
Westlaw:  GA-LF
A four-volume set of the standard legal and business forms most commonly used in Georgia.

Georgia Limited Liability Company Forms and Practice Manual / Pinney L. Allen, et al.
Print: Georgia Reference KFG207.5 .G46 2010
Practical aspects of drafting limitited liability company documents.

How to Start a Business in Georgia : With Forms / Charles T. Robertson II, Mark Warda
Print: Georgia Reference KFG81 .R63 1999
A self-help practical guide.

Southeast Transaction Guide
LexisNexis: GA;SETRAN
Covers a wide variety of business and legal transactions for Florida, Georgia and Alabama.  Includes procedural and drafting guides for transaction processing, and necessary forms with commentary, plus citations to leading cases.


Georgia - Civil Procedure

Georgia Appellate Practice with Forms / Christopher J. McFadden, Edward C. Brewer III, Charles R. Sheppard
Particular emphasis on appeals from administrative agencies, state courts, probate courts, and other courts of limited jurisdiction.

Georgia Civil Discovery with Forms / Wayne Purdom
Print: Georgia Reference KFG537 .P872 2014-2015
Addresses virtually every aspect of civil discovery under Georgia law.

Georgia Civil Procedure Forms--Practice / A. Felton Jenkins, Jr., Ralph A. Pitts
Print: Georgia Reference KFG530.A65 J46
LexisNexis: GA;GACIVP
Arranged in the same sequence as the rules appear in the Georgia Civil Procedure Act.

Georgia Litigation Forms and Analysis / Jefferson James Davis
Print: Georgia Reference KFG530.A65 D38
Westlaw: GA-LITFRM
Covers civil litigation practice in state trial and appellate courts in Georgia. Contains predrafted litigation forms, briefs, and letters, accompanied by in-depth commentary, practice tips, and ethics annotations.

Handbook on Georgia Practice with Forms / Charles R. Sheppard
Print: Georgia Reference KFG530 .S48 2014-2015
Thorough treatment of all basic practice matters and forms utilized in civil cases in Georgia.

Ruskell's Civil Pleading and Practice Forms for use with West's Official Code of Georgia / [complied] by Rick Ruskell
Print: Georgia Reference KFG530.A65 R87
A three-volume set with litigation forms for nearly every aspect of civil practice.



Georgia - Criminal Law and Procedure

Daniel's Georgia Criminal Trial Practice Forms / John J. Goger
Print: Georgia Reference KFG575.A65 D36 2014
A collection of practitioner's forms and precedents for use in criminal practice in Georgia superior courts, including forms related to arrest and criminal investigative procedures, pretrial judicial proceedings, the trial, and posttrial remedies, as well as forms for use in defining the client-counsel relationship.

Georgia Appellate Practice with Forms / Christopher J. McFadden, Edward C. Brewer III, Charles R. Sheppard
Particular emphasis on appeals from administrative agencies, state courts, probate courts, and other courts of limited jurisdiction.

Georgia DUI law: a reference for lawyers and judges / by George A. Stein
Print: Georgia Reference KFG297.8 .S74 2003
Comprehensive overview of DUI law and forms.


Georgia - Divorce
See also Subject Specific Forms - Divorce

Georgia Divorce, Alimony, and Child Custody / Dan E. McConaughey
Print: Georgia Reference KFG100 .M3
Subjects include annulment, legal separation, grounds for divorce, defenses, jurisdiction, temporary and permanent alimony, child support, custody, and tax concerns.

Georgia Domestic Relations Forms : Practice / Edward E. Bates, Jr
Print: Georgia Reference KFG94.A65 B38
LexisNexis: GA;GADOMR
Includes practice forms for family law litigators, with explanatory text to help understand the factual circumstances for which the forms are appropriate. The commentary also points; to statutes, rules, and cases to consider before drafting or customizing any of the sample forms.

How to File for Divorce in Georgia : With Forms / Charles T. RobertsonII, Edward A. Haman
Print: Georgia Reference KFG100.Z9 R63 2005
A self-help practical divorce guide.


Georgia - Estate Planning including Wills

Findlaw > Forms > Georgia Probate
Internet Resource:

Georgia Estate Planning, Will Drafting, and Estate Administration Forms : Practice / Bertram L. Levy, Benjamin T. White
Hundreds of time-tested forms, alternate clauses, checklists, sample letters, and tax return schedules.

Georgia Probate and Administration With Forms / Daniel F. Hinkel
Print: Georgia Reference KFG144.A65 G83 2010
Emphasizes the most typical and frequently encountered probate problems and situations.

How to Make a Georgia Will : With Forms / Edward P. Moses, Mark Warda
Print: Georgia Reference KFG144.Z9 M67 1999
A self-help practical guide.

Wills and Administration in Georgia / Mary F. Radford
A two-volume comprehensive guide to the administration estates that covers all stages, from the petition for-letters to the final discharge of the personal representative or guardian.


Georgia - Property

Georgia Real Estate Sales Contracts / Daniel F. Hinkel
Print: KFG126 .A95 2009
A guide to the preparation and drafting of real estate contracts that is designed to aid the contract drafter and to point out pitfalls and protective clauses to buyers, sellers, and brokers.

Georgia Landlord and Tenant : Breach and Remedies : With Forms / by William J. Dawkins
Print: Georgia Reference KFG117 .D37 2007
Outlines a landlord's, and a tenant's rights and remedies under Georgia law.

Georgia Landlord and Tenant Lease Forms and Clauses
A compilation of leases and related documents.

Georgia Real Estate Finance and Foreclosure Law : With Forms / by Frank S. Alexander
Print: Georgia Reference KFG130.5.F6 A952 2014-2015
Contains an assortment of forms, including some FNMA/FHLMC forms, letters to be sent to the debtor, and forms relating to the foreclosure sale.

Georgia Real Estate Forms : Practice / Russell S. Grove, Jr., Deborah E. Glass
Print: Georgia Reference KFG126.A65 G76

Detailed, point-by-point treatment of agreements relating to transfers of real property; deeds, leases, and other instruments of conveyance; financing of real property; and miscellaneous forms concerning real property.

Georgia Real Estate Title Examinations and Closings : Including Drafting of Sales Contracts with Forms / Daniel F. Hinkel
Print: Reserve KFG127.A15 G46 2014
Covers developing legal descriptions, both written and drawn and forms addressing title< examinations, sales contracts, and closings.

Pindar's Georgia Real Estate Law and Procedure : With Forms / by Daniel F. Hinkel
Print: Georgia Reference KFG112 .H55 2013
A three-volume set. Subjects covered include eminent domain, zoning, environmental concerns, fixtures, tenancies, and leases.

Premises Liability in Georgia with Forms
Covers slip and fall claims, the landlord-tenant relationship, liability for third-party criminal acts, environmental premises liability, and dram shop and homeowner liability along with an introduction to newer topics including health care premises liability, infection as a source of premises liability, terrorism and premises liability, premises liability for lead exposure, and the dangers of the Internet.

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