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ASIL Insights - brief, balanced accounts of international law issues raised by newsworthy late-breaking events

ASIL International Law in Brief - analytical abstracts of and links to significant primary documents relating to contemporary developments in international law

IntLaw Grrls (blog) - women scholars, lawyers, policymakers, leaders and activists provide insight into current events in international law and policy as well as detailed commentary on specific issues

Opinio Juris (blog) - forum for informed discussion and lively debate about international law and international relations

International Law Prof Blog - international law professors contribute commentary and announcements on international law topics

International Law Observer (blog) - includes reports, commentary and discussion of topical issues in international law

PhD Studies in Human Rights (blog) - for students engaged in doctoral studies in the field of human rights; provides information about contemporary developments, references to new publications and material of a practical nature

Books and Periodicals in the Law Library

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