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Researching Health Law Regulations: Statutes & Codes

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Health law in the United States is made by statutes, regulations, executive orders, and case law -- at the federal level, and in all 50 states. Federal and state administrative agencies play a large role in the development and delivery of health care services. Challenges to health laws can invoke federal or state constitutions, statutes and regulations, and common law. Researching foreign and international health law involves additional legal sources. 

Navigating the range and complexity of health law can be challenging for any researcher.  It may be helpful to begin with secondary sources, which provide background information and ultimately guide you to the most relevant statutes, regulations and cases.

Please consult the this guide to locate books, databases and other materials available in the library (or via electronic subscription accessible by law students and faculty). Useful information about health law is also freely available on the Internet. Check the Web Resources tab for a listing of free websites.  International health law coverage in this guide will be found mainly under the Books and Journals tabs, and in some databases

Statutes and Codes

Several federal health statutes are listed here, with links to the official United States Code on, or to unofficial sources which may be more current or easier to use. Remember to update statutory research, in the event amendments may have been enacted since the latest version of the source linked here.

Links to additional statutes and regulations can be found at

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