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Emergency Preparedness @ UGA Law: Quick Reference

Quick Reference Instructions for Emergency Situations

UGA Emergency News & Information

Evacuate for Hirsch Hall, Annex and Dean Rusk Hall

  • Use the nearest exit stairs - never an elevator.
  • Proceed to assembly site
    • Primary assembly site: Quadrangle in front of the School of Law/Main Library
      • Secondary assembly site: Herty Field
      • DO NOT exit towards Herty Drive.  That walkway/driveway exclusively for emergency vehicles.
  • For BOA: exit building by stairs. Cross over Clayton Street and gather together across the street from BOA.
  • Emergency Floor Coordinators for Hirsch, Rusk and BOA will text Mary Beisswenger (207-7236) and she will report to Law Crisis Team


  • Shelter locations - Ground Floor of Buildings; windowless spaces
    • Law School
      • Classrooms A & B - Rooms 120 & 122
      • Student Affairs/Registrar - Rooms 109 & 110
      • Career Development meeting rooms - Rooms 110
    • Library
      • Main building - Basement
      • Annex - first floor west hallway
    • Rusk Hall
      • Classroom K - Room 109
    • Bank of America
      • Basement of building

Contact - After evacuating or taking shelter

  • UGA Police - 911
    • Non-emergency 706-542-2200
  • Emergency Floor Coordinators for Hirsch, Rusk and BOA will text Mary Beisswenger (207-7236) and she will report to Law Crisis Team

Fire - Evacuate

  • Evacuate building immediately – evacuation is mandatory
    • Do not use elevators
    • Take personal belongings such as keys, purses, coats that you may need
    • Do not re-enter the building for any reason until directed to do so
  • Call the UGA Police at 911
  • Once all the floors are cleared by Emergency Floor Coordinators and people are in the evacuation area, Mary will receive text and then you may leave the area.

Severe Weather/Natural Disaster/Winter Storm

  • Tornado - Take shelter
  • Earthquake - take cover immediately under a desk, chair or table. If outside, move to an open area away from buildings
  • Do not use elevators
  • NOAA Weather Radio Locations
    • Law School 119 (Mary Beisswenger)
    • Dean’s Office (Amy Weaver)
    • Security Desk
    • Library Circulation
    • Annex A104 (David Rutland)
    • Rusk Hall 126 (Phyllis Cooke Webb)
    • Rusk Hall 215 (Shawn Lanphere)

Medical Emergency

  • Call the UGA Police at 911
  • If faculty, student, staff experiences a medical emergency, Dial 911
    • Then contact Dean's Office (542-7140) and Mary Beisswenger (542-0335 or 706-207-7236)
  • Administer AED/CPR/First aid
    • CPR/First Aid certified personnel
      • Law School
        • Mary Beisswenger, 706-542-0335
        • Cyndi Canup (CPR/AED only) 706-542-5185
        • Amanda Fox  706-542-5168
        • Lisa Mathis  706-542-5075
        • Sandy Ledford  706-542-3353
        • Amy Weaver  706-5226
        • Jessica Boston  706-542-5156
        • Brandi Saunders  706-542-5225
      • Law Library
        • Leslie Grove (First Aid only) 706-542-5070
        • Marie Mize, 706-542-1922
        • Szilvia Somodi  706-543-8083
      • Rusk Hall
        • Mandy Dixon   706-542-5211
        • Jessica Atkinson 706-542-1195
        • Shawn Lanphere, 706-542-9357
      • Bank of America Building
        • Sarah Ehlers  706-369-5722
    • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
      • Hirsch Hall, Second floor, between Classroom C and near elevator
      • Rusk Hall, outside entrance to Rusk Center, near staircase
      • BOA, 
    • First aid kits
      • Law School
        • Room 242 (Administrative Services)
        • Room 109 (Registrar)
        • Room 119 (Mary Beisswenger)
      • Library
        • Circulation
        • Annex 2, Administrative Offices
        • Annex 1, Tech Services Suite Restroom
      • Rusk Hall
        • Room 215 (Shawn Lanphere)
        • Room 318 (Jessica Atkinson)
        • 4th Floor kitchen 
  • Notify your supervisor as appropriate

Internet/Cybersecurity issues


Utility Failure

  • Includes power outage, water leaks, or elevator failure
    • Gas leaks or hazardous materials - Evacuate
  • During regular work hours (Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm)
    • Report utility issues to Physical Plant Work Order Desk at 706-542-7456
      • Then notify your supervisor as appropriate 
  • After regular work hours, on weekends and holidays 
    • Immediately report utility failures to UGA Police, 706-542-2200
      • Then Mary Beisswenger, 706-207-0669
  • Facility Management supervisor for School of Law: POSITION TEMPORARILY UNFILLED

Active shooter/Active threat - Evacuate

  • If it is not possible to evacuate, lock or barricade all doors and secure/conceal yourself in a safe area with room lights and cell phone ringers turned off. Stay hidden until you get the all clear from a Police Officer.
  • DO NOT pull the fire alarm to alert others of an active shooter or active threat

Civil Disturbance/Demonstration

  • Call the UGA Police at 911
  • Do not attempt to negotiate with an individual or crowd unless directed by UGA Police
  • Be prepared to initiate evacuation procedures

Student Crisis Response

  • Student appears to be an immediate threat to his or her own safety or that of others -  call UGA Police at 911
    • Then notify the Dean’s Office (542-7140) and Mary Beisswenger (706-207-7236)

Bomb Threat

  • If you receive a bomb threat, remain calm and elicit as much information as possible from the caller
  • Call the UGA Police at 911 - they will take charge.
    • Then notify Dean's office - 706-542-7140
  • Do not open any suspicious item
  • Be prepared to initiate evacuation procedures when directed by Police

Assisting persons with a disability during an emergency

Updated 2/2020

Active Threat - Run. Hide. Fight.

Active Threat - Run. Hide. Fight

   UGA Office of Emergency Preparedness - Active Threat

An active threat is an emergency situation involving a person or persons who are actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area by acts of either random or systematic violence.

They include any assault with a deadly weapon (guns, knives, explosives, etc.) with one objective in mind; causing as many deaths as possible.

The assailant's overriding objective appears to be that of mass murder, rather than criminal conduct such as robbery, kidnapping, etc.

  Federal Bureau of Investigation - Active Shooter Incidents

  Homeland Security - Active Shooter Preparedness

Information & Training

LiveSafe - a personal safety mobile app


Academic Affairs

Preparedness @ UGA

Faculty Resources

Student Resources

Other Resources

Risk Assessment - determining the likelihood of a risk occurring and the impact if it does


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