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Alexander Campbell King: Judge King

Judge King

On June 12th, 2013 the portrait of the Law Library's name sake was removed from the library entrance. The portrait was removed for cleaning and repairs performed by conservator Libby Hatmaker. Ms. Hatmaker worked with the Georgia Museum of Art and taught drawing classes in UGA's Lamar Dodd School of Art.

The portrait was painted in 1922 by noted portrait painter Gari Melchers. It is currently on loan from the U.S. Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit.

Read more about Judge King and the dedication of the Alexander Campbell King Law Library.


Dec. 7, 1856 - born in Charleston, S.C.

Apr. 9, 1875 - Admitted to the Bar by order of Judge John L. Hopkins, Fulton Superior Court. The family had moved to Atlanta a few years before and Atlanta became King's permanent home. He immediately formed a partnership with George T. Fry, styled Fry and King. The partnership lasted for two years and then King established a solo practice. King was a frequent user of the state law library. He had his own key and was known to work into the evenings, just catching the last horse car to head home.

Jan. 1, 1885 - the law firm of King & Spalding formed. King partnered with Jack J. Spalding and the firm built its early reputation in the transportation industry, particularly railroads and steamships. The firm's name changed several times as various individuals came and went as named partners, including John C. Calhoun, John D. Little. E. Marvin Underwood, Hughes Spalding, Daniel MacDougald, and John A. Sibley.

  • 1887 - 1894 Calhoun, King & Spalding
  • 1894 - 1903 King & Spalding
  • 1903 - 1908 King, Spalding & Little
  • 1908 - 1913 King, Spalding & Underwood
  • 1913 - 1920 King & Spalding

Nov. 27, 1918 - appointed U.S. Solicitor General. King served until May 23, 1920. His appointment to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit had been announced.

  • 1903 - 1918 - served as a member of the Georgia Board of Bar Examiners. King served as the chair, 1910-1918

Oct. 4, 1920 -  began his service on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

While serving as solicitor general, the name of the firm still included his name as it was always understood that he would return to the practice. While on the bench the firm was known as Spalding, MacDougald & Sibley*. King did resign from the bench effective January 1, 1925 when the firm became King, Spalding, MacDougald & Sibley.

  • 1923 - participated in the founding of the American Law Institute and was one of the nineteen original members of its governing Council.

July 25, 1926 - died in Flat Rock, NC and was buried in Atlanta's Oakland Cemetery.

* Sometimes MacDougald is spelled MacDougal.


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