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Finding Alumni: Georgia Bar Directory

Career Development Resources

Career Development Office (CDO) 
CDO provides students with the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to enable them to secure fulfilling employment in line with their career goals and individual qualifications.

Student Professional Development (SPD)
SPD prepares students for the practicalities of the profession by hosting events throughout the academic year. SPD also helps to enhance student soft skills and core competencies while assisting them in their evaluations of the legal profession for their own career success. 

Career Development Resources

Guides for Specific Practice Areas

Quick, Easy Searching Using the Georgia Bar Directory

The Georgia Bar Directory is freely available online:

The form lets you search by name, of course. However, you can also omit the name field altogether and construct a search using variables like 'Law School', location, or 'Section' (the state bar has sections representing dozens of practice specialties). 

Using these variables, you could search for every member of the Georgia bar who obtained their law degree at the University of Georgia, whose address is in New York City. Or, you could search for graduates of Georgia Law who belong to the Nonprofit Law section.

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