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Distance Education Courses: Resources

To assist in the planning, production, execution, and evaluation of online courses

General Faculty Resources for Distance Education

Getting Started: Best Practices and Tips

University of Georgia Office of Online Learning

The University of Georgia Office of Online Learning offers many tools and services to help including:

See the full range of offerings here.

To get the conversation started, send an email to:

Other Common Online Teaching Tools

Zoom - videoconferencing and online meeting platform

Screencast-O-Matic - free video screen-capture software

University of Georgia Online Teaching Tools

eLearningCommons (eLC)- the learning management system for the University of Georgia

Kaltura- media streaming and archiving software that integrates with eLC

Blackboard Collaborate - online collaboration and conferencing tool

Law Library Services & Resources

The Law Library staff supports online instruction through technological assistance by the Information Technology department, by providing eReserves in the library catalog, and through access to the best literature on instructional methods and dialog on current trends.


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