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Environmental Planning Law (PLAN 6200): Government Sites

For students in the Master of Environmental Planning & Design program


Statutes -The U.S. Code is official but researchers prefer the U.S. Code Annotated or U.S. Code Service because they contain helpful annotations and are published in a more timely manner.

Legislative Materials - If you’re trying to learn something about a particular piece of legislation, one of the most important documents to look at is the Committee Report. These resources also have the various versions of bills and documents submitted by committee witnesses.

Administrative Agencies - One of the things you will generally not find on the agency web sites are any regulations promulgated by the agency. Those are found in the Code of Federal Regualtions (CFR). You can link to the CFR online through the GPO's Federal Digital System (FDSys). The GPO is the Government Printing Office, the official publisher, so to speak, of the government. As the tagline on FDSys says, "America's Authentic Government Information".

State & Local

Georgia - is the official web site for the state of Georgia

The state government, like the federal government, is divided into three branches:

  • Executive branch (Governor and administrative agencies) > Regulations
  • Legislative branch (House and Senate) > Statutes
  • Judicial branch (Courts) > Cases
    • Both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals have web sites with some of their opinions. LexisNexis Academic  has the full body of court opinions and better keyword searching.
      • Search by Content Type > Federal and State Cases Search > unclick All Federal & State Courts box > click Georgia box > click Apply button
    • Print-  available in the main reading room of the Law Library
      • The official print source for the opinions of the Georgia Supreme Court is the Georgia Reports (Ga.)
      • The official print source for the opinions of the Court of Appeals is the Georgia Appeals Reports (Ga. App.)
      • The opinions of both courts are also published in the unofficial South Eastern Reporter (S.E., S.E.2d), which is referred to as a regional reporter.
  • Pay attention to how far back the databases go and how frequently or quickly they are updated.

Local Government

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